Why student homes?

The Council want to see a mixed-use development come forward and we feel that workspace and student homes can work really well together here. The London Plan also recognises the importance of meeting student homes requirements and the socio-economic value this brings.

How many parking spaces will you be providing?

This will be a car-free development; however, disabled parking spaces will be provided in line with the London Plan. The site benefits from a PTAL rating of 6b, which means that it is highly accessible as defined by TfL. Our proposals focus on encouraging sustainable transport methods such as walking and cycling with cycle parking provided in line with the London Plan.

How tall are the buildings?

The buildings range between 5-11 storeys with the tallest buildings concentrated towards the rear of the site bordering the railway line. While we recognise that this is an urban town and area for redevelopment, we also recognise the need to consider and respect the local streetscape.

Will this be a gated development?

While the main courtyard within the development will be gated, so as to make a clear separation between student and public activity, we are also providing a beautifully landscaped secondary courtyard, which will provide access to workspaces and new public amenity space.

How many of these homes will be affordable?

In line with London Plan policy, 35% of the units will be dedicated as affordable.

How long will this take to build? When do you expect to make a start/complete?

It is still too early to be able to provide exact timescales, but we estimate that, if granted planning consent, we would commence works on site in the summer of 2022, with a programme of works that would take approximately two years, setting a completion date some time in summer of 2024.

What will you do to mitigate traffic and congestion on local roads during moving in/moving out periods?

Our Transport Strategy will set staggered arrival times for student tenants to prevent significant road congestion during these periods. Students moving in and out will need to book a 20-minute slot to use the workspace car park. If the driver of a car wants to stay longer, they will be directed to a local public car park.

There will also be additional staff on-site during the arrival period to help proactively manage student arrivals. We have projected that it would take approximately 22 hours to fill or empty the residence, which can be completed over the course of a weekend, as is standard with other university homes.

We will also ensure that move in and out periods will not be undertaken when church services are taking place to avoid congestion on local roads. In our experience, and given the location of the site, we would expect that many students will arrive by public transport.

How will you manage the student homes?

The building would be managed by Fresh, our third-party management service that looks after over 20,000 student apartments across the UK.

There will be management staff on-site, typically between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, as well as a team of senior student wardens who work in shifts to ensure a 24/7 management presence. Student wardens are trained in incidence management, health and safety, and fire safety, to the same standard as management staff.

All residents sign a lease that commits them to acting in a proper and respectful manner. If they break the terms of the lease, they can be asked to leave the homes. A clause will forbid residents from making noise that is audible outside of the building between 11pm-7am, and noise will be monitored.

CCTV will be installed in all public areas both inside and outside of the buildings and local residents and businesses will be provided with a dedicated point of contact on-site to address any issues. 

A full Student Management Plan will also be submitted as part of our planning application to Newham Council.

Freephone: 0800 051 4450